Commercial Wood Fence

Wood Fence Installation

Commercial Wood Fence

Wood : Timeless classic that provides a natural look

A common choice in residential design, wood fences provide warmth, design, and security to your home. Stainable and paintable, wood fences are versatile and are easily catered to your needs.

Eastern Red Cedar (ERC) : Fragrant and naturally beautiful, ERC is an excellent choice in wood fencing. This is the same cedar used in cedar chests and closets for its fragrance, beauty, and insect resistance. A Juniper, member of the cypress family, is a very tough and resilient cedar even in ground contact. Because of its rot resistance, we use ERC for your entire cedar fence, including the fence posts. ERC posts have proven to last for decades. Not to be confused with other cedars (Western Red Cedar, Incense Cedar, Northern White Cedar, Chinese Cedar) ERC is the superior cedar. ERC outperforms other cedars in strength and rot resistance. According to the ASTM Standards for Fence Materials and Products, ERC is highlighted as superior in decay resistance and termite resistance (11th Edition, page 25-26).

Southern Yellow Pine : Cost-effective and durable, treated pine is resistant to insects and rotting. Treated pine is a popular choice due to its strength, durability, and cost.

California Fir : A very versatile wood that has a uniform texture. It mills accurately and is known for its stability. It is widely used in construction industries due to its resistance to warping. A beautiful, light wood.